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You can also see a lot of dislike on YouTube Twitter videos to show great pictures online Here’s why – Tech news Hindi


YouTube announced Wednesday that the amount of “dislike” in movies will no longer be visible to the public to protect producers from harassment and attacks.

Public readings of what they like or dislike – what is stored on TV are often cited by critics as being harmful to health, and Facebook and Instagram have allowed users to go out. Users on Google’s video sharing platform will be able to click the “Like” button at the bottom of the clip, but will no longer see bad reviews.

YouTube said in a statement, “In order to ensure that YouTube promotes respectful interaction between viewers and producers, we tested the dislike button to see if this change would protect those who created harassment.” “Our experiments showed a decrease in non-aggression.”

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Producers – social media professionals who attract people to the Internet – can see the sheer volume of their digital images. YouTube said small or new producers also said they were being unfairly monitored while people worked to increase the amount of dislike in videos. Changes to YouTube come as social media and videos are often criticized by lawmakers, regulators and administrators for not doing enough to combat cyberbullying.

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Facebook is struggling with one of the biggest problems known to date, with the help of low-profile content that shows the adult is aware of the potential risks to his or her platforms. The revelation of the loss of former Facebook employee Frances Haugen has also sparked controversy over Big Tech corporate affairs. Concerns over the spread of Facebook have spread to other platforms, with TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube trying to persuade US senators at a conference last month to be safe for their young users.

Twitter will show the biggest images on the internet – the report
The big American company Twitter now now shows big pictures online. According to The Verge, this is the same change that took away Twitter’s amazing performance from its Android and iOS apps, meaning users could view photos in their entire timeline as they go through Twitter on their browser. This will happen when users post their pictures. Twitter will show users an accurate picture of their image that will look similar when sent. According to The Verge, the platform describes its side view window as “what you see is what you get”.

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The move came recently when Twitter was on the radar due to its crop dispute. Some users have noticed that Twitter’s auto-cropping algorithm can favor white faces rather than black ones, resulting in a crop that shows off whiter faces. According to The Verge, Twitter looked at the issue and found that its only farming algorithm was not very favorable, but the company still stood by.

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