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Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The Xiaomi smart bracelet


Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The Xiaomi smart bracelet

The third version of the Xiaomi Mi band is the best-selling activity bracelet of all time. Do you want to know what is the key to its success?

  • Impeccable operation. Failures are rarely reported
  • Competitive price. An activity bracelet with prices below € 30
  • Discreet design. It is not bulky, nor does it look bad regardless of the size of your wrist
  • Customizable bracelet. For a very reasonable price, you can easily get a strap with colors, motifs, and materials different from the original. And with this, you customize the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to the style you want.

How is the Xiaomi Mi Band 3?

The small Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet bases its success on its discreet appearance and its low price. You will be able to find it with the strap in three different colors, although you can change it for any of the hundreds of straps available.

On its small touch screen, you can see information related to your physical activity, notifications (you can see WhatsApp and who is calling you), or weather. The size of the quantizing unit is 46.9 x 17.9 x 12mm.

The quantifier snaps onto the strap which is soft-touch silicone. Once properly positioned, the quantizer will not pop out on its own. So don’t be afraid to use it while running or while doing any other activity, you won’t lose it.

The size of the strap is unique, but it has a lot of travel (12 holes) and you would have to have a really small wrist for it not to serve you. The closure system is not the safest, but hey, it seems to hold up quite well.

The screen is tactile

So we can switch between the different screens simply by dragging our fingers over it. In addition, the touch button located at the base of the screen makes navigation easy. Xiaomi has taken care to improve its screen concerning its predecessor, both the design and its functionality.

  • The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has a touch screen, a clear improvement over the Mi Band 2.
  • The screen size and resolution have grown. It is thus possible to display much more data.
  • The screen has a curved shape as opposed to its totally flat screen that had version 2 of the Mi Band. There is a diversity of opinions here, although the curved option seems to win as more attractive
  • The touch button is integrated into the screen as part of it. The aesthetic result is, according to most analysts, more harmonious on the bracelet
  • The brightness has increased noticeably and now you will see it perfectly even in broad daylight

Obviously, don’t expect great displays of showmanship on screen. It is a low-power, monochrome OLED screen. It gives the information accurately and clearly.

On the back of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 quantifier, you will be able to see the optical heart rate sensor. Considering the price and the type of sensor, it is quite accurate. The measurements are similar to those that you can have with activity bracelets such as Fitbit or even Samsung.

The heart rate monitor gives specific measurements and it is possible to make it have a continuous measurement. We do not recommend it, or you will run out of battery in much less time.

iPhone and Android compatibility with the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

We can use the small Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet with Android 4.4 or higher mobile phones and iPhone with iOs 7.0 or higher. This implies that it can be used with practically all current mobiles. If you want to see other options for iOs, we recommend our iPhone watch guide.

The connection is made using Bluetooth LE 4.2, although it is compatible with mobiles that only have Bluetooth 4.0.
As for its operating system, it is a system based on Android and adapted to the bracelet. It works well, it is stable and it does not give problems. It is fully translated into Spanish (no English, no Chinese)

Battery life on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3

To charge the battery you will have to remove the quantifying unit from the silicone strap. The charging pins are located at one end, which fits into the charger.

The charging time with a completely drained battery is less than an hour and a half. And it will last about 20 days with normal use and notifications on.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 water resistance

The degree of protection of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a certification of 5ATM or 50 meters. This means that it has passed immersion tests with a water pressure equivalent to 50 meters of the water column.

This guarantees its aquatic use since even if you hit the water with your arm (when swimming, for example), the pressure generated on the bracelet is less.

The measurement of the pulsations in the water is very irregular and does not give good results.