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Buses continue in Maharashtra, buses closed at all 250 MSRTC stations


  • Workers want to be reunited with the MSRTC government government that has lost
  • Jobs have been closed in all 250 government places due to strikes.
  • Workers began a permanent strike on October 28

Mumbai. Workers at the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), insisting on their demand for integration of lost funds with the government, continued their strike on Monday, prompting a halt to buses in all areas. Officials said all 250 government warehouses were closed for operation. He said about 4,000 workers came to work on Sunday and the union operated about 80 buses on various roads.

An MSRTC spokesman said: “Today buses in all 250 locations have been suspended, although workers in many areas have resumed work.” The workers had begun a permanent strike from October 28 until the beginning of this month.

He declined to comment on MSRTC’s request for inclusion in the federal government. In addition, they will receive the responsibility of government employees along with better pay.


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