New Study on Ethics: There have been many discussions of IQ for example Intelligence Quotient around the world, there is also a controversial topic in this, does higher IQ mean more brain? Well, so far the debate has not yielded results, but according to a Dainik Bhaskar newspaper article, it is said that the EQ ie Emotional Quotient in women is higher than in men. They have been told that women can understand their own feelings and those of others quickly and act accordingly. This is what makes them successful in relationships. Numerous studies have been conducted around the world to understand the EQ for example Emotional Quotient, similar to that in Tamil Nadu. Learn Uwu. In this it was found whether EQ is different in women and men? In a survey conducted in 2018, approximately 1000 medical students were recruited, in which women and men were included.

The results of the study found that female students were significantly better than their male classmates in the fight against depression. Not only that, he was able to deal effectively with patients’ problems during his medical studies.

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Similar results have been obtained from many countries
The effect of women being at the forefront of men in the fight against ideology did not come from India alone. Instead, similar results were observed from countries such as Iran and Sri Lanka. Where women seemed strong emotionally in a working woman with men. Tell us here that EQ is kept above IQ for success.

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What do experts say?
American psychiatrist Daniel Goleman According to a number of studies, IQ support for success is only 20 percent, while the share of EQ is 80 percent. It strengthens relationships from office to home and around the world and makes them successful.

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