Friendship TipsLove, Mohabbat and Pyaar are very good words, and their feelings are very beautiful. Lovers swear to die and live together. Leaving aside the story of one birth, let’s talk about traveling together for seven births. Pick up 7 fire lines, be responsible. When the beautiful feeling of love fades under the burden of responsibility, I do not know. Even when they fail, people risk their lives. People want to progress in life, but they cannot succeed. Group, family, children and responsibilities come in the middle. There are many situations when two people are together, but they are not together mentally and emotionally. In fact, this is especially true of women.

Many websites have come back to this point. How it is shown how a woman plays an unnecessary relationship. In the series The Married Woman page, it shows how a housewife’s life is shaped within the family. Even if he wants to, he cannot choose to leave his family.

fear of man
From infancy we are told that love and marriage only happen once. A second or divorced girl has no respect in public. A man who has been divorced can now marry. But for women it is very difficult. This is why many women maintain their relationships with ordinary people for the rest of their lives, whether they are happy or not. She jeopardizes her dignity every day, but does not utter a word from her tongue. They also forget to fight for their rights.

Responsibilities from family to children
As if responsibility is the greatest enemy of the relationship. Because of responsibility, we are bound in unwanted relationships for years. Sometimes the responsibility of the children. Sometimes family responsibility. Sometimes the responsibility to share the good news with others. Under the burden of these responsibilities, we run our relationships. But, when we kill our own desires, we do not understand them and then we die slowly every day.

How will you manage your finances?
Women who are independent think once again that they are free from such slavery because they are financially stable, but for women who live at home it is difficult to imagine what it would be like to have a divorce. to go?

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