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WhatsApp WARNS BILLIONS of Fellow users who need fraudulent message is coming now check out Details – Tech news Hindi


If you are using WhatsApp then you need to be careful. Terrorists have found a new way to steal on WhatsApp. WhatsApp users are warned of the ‘Important Friend’ scam that could take your money. According to WhatsApp, about 59% of people have received a text message or know someone who has been defrauded last year.

Run ‘Stop. Think. Call ‘campaign’
WhatsApp is now partnering with National Trading Standards to warn fraudulent users and others like them. ‘Faith. Think. The aim of the ‘Call’ campaign is to educate people on how to avoid being raped by cybercriminals.
The purpose of this is “Before responding to a suspicious message.”FaithAnd make sure you turn on the confirmation for two things. This can help keep your account secure.

WhatsApp then wants youthinkWhat does the text message say about the person demanding money from you?

After this, WhatsApp says the person who is sending you the message to see this “Lightning“I have to, it’s them.

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What is the ‘Friend in Need’ scam?
One such scam involves a cybercriminal stealing from an account of someone you know. They send messages to several of you or a list of friends, hoping someone will respond. Terrorists can also read old messages so that they can absorb the correct tone of voice so that they can communicate with you without creating suspicion. There are many reasons why a person needs debt.

Terrorists can also pretend that your friend is stuck outside and needs money for flight or theft. When you are asked for money like this, stop and try to call a friend.

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They may say that they cannot talk to you right now, but tell them that you will not send money until you have confirmed it. The swindler may stop you from trying or trying to make you feel guilty.

However, it is important to remain silent and call the person or use some other form of identification. Citizens Advice Scam Action has also warned of ‘Friends in Need’ scam and is supporting the campaign.

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