… With the dangerous weather in our home, check out the ‘Squid Game’ costumes that can fit into any Halloween party.

When Mumbai cosplayer Medha Srivastava – known for its translation of the virus Loki, Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and Dhanush Jagame Thandhiram – he looked Squid game when it first landed on Netflix, he knew the show was going to be good and he soon managed to direct inside – Kang Sae-byoek, a North Korean opponent who is one of the hundreds of competing in dangerous games, to win money.

The first season of the Korean language drama series has become Netflix’s “biggest opening group” to date with a crowd of 111 million less than a month since its launch on September 17. And that also contributed hallyu the whole of India which is now seeing many people redesigning stones with the game of Red Light Green Light or eating Dalgona sweets, as well as relying heavily on Korean culture. The biggest attraction of fashion in Squid game and its simplicity and blocking neon border colors as well as its impartial tone between men and women.

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Medha is one of the many producers in the world who has started playing as a feature of the show. So far, we’ve seen players ’cosplays wearing a retro green sweatshirt, a large singing doll in her yellow and orange shirts, and guards wearing pink with their masks on their eyes.

Dalgona Contributions

  • Just as the Korean restaurant Auroville Nowana introduced Dalgona sweets in their sweet spot, Freddie’s Bengaluru Cookies (9148256505) have made a similar start. Mu Squid Games, The contestants are tasked with carefully cutting the form that was followed from the Dalgona candy disk – if the competitors break the form, they are removed.

“Unfortunately, the outfit didn’t require much effort compared to what we do at Comic Con,” he says with a laugh. The real challenge was finding a green jumpsuit that Squid game players wear. He lives in Andheri in Mumbai, went to the Lokhandwala market but did not find the brand in the market or online. So he bought an online hoodie jacket that matched the colors and cut the hood, drawing on the white lines and adding stickers that read ‘067’ (competent Sae-byeok number) on the front.

For hair and makeup, Medha did nothing but try to imitate the Sae-byeok culture. With a light brush of eyebrows and stained lips, she did. He also added clip-on bangs for good quality and straightening Squid game calling card with a triangle, the circle is large on it. She posted a cosplay on her Instagram account on October 11 with over 1,600 likes and hundreds of praiseworthy comments.

Kind of a minute

The bright green color, which many have long overlooked, is now the talk of the town, and within the last two weeks, the fashion-forward fashion has taken immediate action to create pieces of the sweatpants of the brand. Although Zara has two zipper jackets, H & M’s Conscious line offers a simple pull. Tools such as the black Front Man’s matte mask and guard masks with the appearance of pre-packaged invitation cards are also actively available on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart, in the Halloween era.

Swati Chatruverdi in a half and half appearance with Front Man and the appearance of a guard from the Korean ‘Squid Game’ | Photo Credit: Swati Chatruverdi

Meanwhile, a makeup artist from Bengaluru Sakshi Chaturvedi could not choose between Front Man (who played the game) and his black mask and guards – so he went to look half and half, and chose a bright one. pink dress. He added cuts to his face to mimic the shape of the Squid Games on one side and the other side had a shell painted with a black lens, making sure you could add flavor to your game while staying true to the show.

Even white sneakers worn by players – many of whom suspect Vans – have been in high demand, too.

Market calls

As in Mumbai, the open markets in the old metropolitan area of ​​Metro are the best places to find cosplay and Halloween costumes. The markets of Hyderabad’s Begam Bazaar and Chandni Chowk in Delhi are stocked with clothing and kiosks with painted faces, dyed overalls, liquid latex and other fine materials. Squid game plus – but not real clothes. In early October, Manohar Sriram event manager looked at Begam Bazaar and recalled his interview with the dealer, “He told me that many people ask him if he has anything. Squid game and showed him pictures on their phones. Within two weeks it was released, but about five people a week came to inquire. ”

What 'Squid Game' character can you wear like Halloween?

Probably a simple outfit for drawing Squid game with an ordinary red wig; towards the end of the season, director Seong Gi-hun plays with red hair wearing a business suit. Similar wigs with side bangs are now appearing on Amazon, Ubuy and Flipkart.

There will be, of course, a troll looking laughter list. Vidya Ramraj in Hyderabad, who did not see the show, explains her intentions, “My cousin, who is Squid game fan, is hosting a Halloween party, so I bought the animal’s outfit and carried a baby chess board – to have a ‘Squid Game’ because there have been so many memes from people who haven’t seen the show. ”


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