November-December will be a very special month for Bollywood lovers. It was reported that Vicky Kaushal- Katrina Kaif, Rajkumar Rao- Patralekha and Ranbir Kapoor- Alia Bhatt will make the decision in the next two months.

The marriage was postponed until April 2022
Viral Bihi has actually made a post on social media. In this post, Viral wrote on a photo of Ranbir Alia – ‘Marriage is postponed until April 2022’. Along with this, Viral wrote in the words, ‘This year Ranbir-Alia will not be getting married, but Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif will make a decision.’

The decision taken as a result of our commitment to the work ..
In his remarks, Viral also wrote, ‘As we all know, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have made such a decision because of their work.’ Recall that on Monday, Ranbir Kapoor was seen outside the hospital while Alia Bhatt was seen at the airport.

Actions of Fans
Social media users have done a lot with this Viral post. Although fans of ‘Ralia’ are saddened by this news, on the other hand some TV users are trampled on. Many users of social networks say that they will never marry, just talk to each other. Interestingly, Ranbir and Alia will appear together in the Brahmastra film.


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