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Visakhapatnam is planning to host the first Andhra Pradesh summit


With the fast-paced event to be held in Paderu in December, participants have begun training to cope with the challenges of its beautiful valleys and beautiful mountains.

Athletes from Visakhapatnam have been busy making challenges. This December they will be participating in Ultribe-Paderu – the first event of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, to take place in the Eastern Ghats.

High-speed competition involves constant endurance and training; running more than 42.2 miles is not a difficult task. The race also takes students to some of the most iconic places in the world, where regions and the environment pose challenges. Ultribe-Paderu, organized by the Visakha Trail Running Association (VTRA), promises to have a way for everyone, from beginners to endurance runners, to special places.

The ceremony will take place on December 12 in Paderu, a dormant town about 900 meters above sea level in Visakhapatnam district. Paderu is located about 60 miles[100 km]from Visakhapatnam in the Eastern Ghats, where tropical rain forests and lush vegetation cover.

Walking distances include running and climbing, which is a steep slope. Unlike highway and rail speeds, it is usually set up on steep slopes, often in mountainous terrain, where there may be higher and lower elevations.

About running

  • Two doses of COVID-19 vaccine are essential for participation. A soft vaccination certificate should be provided.
  • The event takes place in three categories: 50 km (flag event), 25 km (mountainous terrain) and 10 km (first route).
  • Runners will be assisted by a support (or hydration point) at a fixed location, all along the road. The support center should be staffed by volunteers who may also be runners.
  • Each support center should have hydration such as water, electrolytes, fruits and other foods such as nuts and chocolate bars. This is especially important for the athlete to be hydrated and provide running energy.
  • The event will start at the beginning and will be the end. Upon completion of the race within the last period, the runner will be awarded a medal and a certificate (or e-certificate) accordingly. Each participant who did not finish the race within the deadline will be included in the Did Not Finish (DNF) category.

The Paderu race will take place in three categories: 10 kilometers, 25 kilometers and 50 kilometers. The idea is to provide insight into the challenges and satisfaction of the athlete, “says V Yogesh, a senior member of VTRA.

“Contrary to popular belief and popular opinion, we do not need mountains to walk. Road speed can happen anywhere. It is considered a ‘runway’ when you are not on land, roads built, sealed or tarred. In the course of the journey, everything just flows out in the Universe. The mixed areas of Paderu make it a great place to travel, “said Yogesh, who lives in Visakhapatnam.

Yogesh started with his experience in 2010, but “sports and exercise were a way of life” for him even during his school years. “Although I had been playing cricket for many years, once I got into the business world, it was so frustrating that I began to smoke. To escape this, I realized I was running while working in Mumbai, ”he says.

The route reaches Vizag

After Yogesh moved to Chennai, the Chennai Trekking Club showed him to run barefoot and run. He finished his first two-and-a-half-hour race barefoot in the Chennai Trail Marathon in 2015. After that, he finished the 50-kilometer race at Malnad Ultra in 2018 and the 60-kilometer race at Vagamon Ultra in 2019. “Running is now a living way for me and this is what I want to bring about in terms of Visakhapatnam culture, “he adds.

VTRA is a non-profit organization, in which each member is a working professional with a variety of experience in driving management. “We are committed to bringing the road closer to the people and fostering a spirit of mobility in all the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. ‘one of the largest VTRA teams.

The group, which currently has about 10 runners, hopes to produce Ultribe-Paderu annually on the city’s event calendar.

Even the most experienced athletes, once fully competent, can complete a half marathon or complete race, it takes a variety of training to complete the Ultra race. “Not only physically, the athlete must be mentally strong and must show sufficient endurance and courage to choose the fastest. And this will not be a nightmare. As a child transitions from lower classes to higher classes, the athlete should run pang ‘ slower and slower after half-time and regular exercise, ”says 36-year-old Yogesh.

Tough work

Studies of such events should cover all aspects of exercise and diet, with a particular focus on the path and duration. Kirti Kumar, who took part in his first trip to Paderu, has been playing endurance for many years now. Kirti, 40, with two children, says: After suffering from gestational diabetes during the birth of her second child and considering her family history of diabetes, Kirti changed her life and started running. She competed in the Olympic distance triathlon in Hyderabad in 2018, and finished third in the sprint category.

Visakhapatnam is planning to host the first Andhra Pradesh summit

“Although I could not take part in any of the race events that were held a year and a half ago because of the epidemic, I never missed a daily race. I sit on the road, bike or run, for two hours, six days a week, ”he says.

According to Kirti, mental training is just as important as preparing for the gym. “Even if you have been exercising for a week, it takes effort to get back on track. Daily running has become a very important part of my life, ”says Kirti, who believes that there is no substitute for running years. He added, “Too fast it takes time; there are no shortcuts. If you have been running all the time, just get out and go. “

To participate and register, log on to vtra.run.

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