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Video of duck virus running in marathon popl crazy on pratp


The 50th City Marathon is taking place in the New York City Marathon in the United States. Since the race did not take place in 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, people came to see it in 2021. Interestingly, in the Duck Running Marathon video, all appearances were taken away by the duck, who was running a marathon race with people.

Dressed in his bright red shoes in the middle of the race, the duck was so fast that people could almost see him. This was probably the first time that ducks had been seen running in the New York City Marathon. The beautiful little duck also competed in a race of 33,000.

Wrinkles seized the meeting
The name of the duck appears in the video he shared with his Instagram account called seductive and Makwinya. She is wearing very red shoes and is running with everyone. Along with all the other runners, Wrinkles are also running individually. He is also a very fast runner, and the people around him are making him very happy. Because of his speed and beauty, he captured all aspects of the marathon. The owner of the duck was also involved in the race and brought him to participate in the race.

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People love this video
People are very fond of this video. The video also features the Barstool Sports group Over 35 lakh people have watched the video in two days and 2 lakh people have also enjoyed it. Aside from Instagram, Wrinkle competition is very popular on Twitter and other platforms. He also has his own media account, which is followed by 53,000 people.

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