America launched advanced ‘B-21 Raider’ aircraft
दुनिय के की शी बी रेदास को दे मायो है चकमा
‘B-21 Raider’ is the 6th generation aircraft

Washington. Amid growing tensions with China, America has included a powerful military aircraft in its war fleet. Mana ja raha hai ki America salon seh beyahd गपनीय मेरे से एस विमान को वेवार कर रहा था. Now the first glimpse of the world’s first nuclear bomber ‘B-21 Raider’ has arrived. B-21 radar is the 6th generation aircraft.

Some pictures of the aircraft have been released before it was unveiled at the Palmdale Air Force Base in California on Friday. उन चुनिंदा से प्रता चला है की आसको रंग काला है इह बाद में ‘Б-2 SPIRIT’ виман ки жага лега. América ka kehnā hai ki іs viman ka nimrān Chīn se milne wali wali chaltena ke dengenjar ke gaya hai hai.

Know the B-21 radar کی کاسییت

America’s claim is that this aircraft’s technology is very advanced. दुनिया का को भी राडार एसे पुप्त नहीं नहीं नहीत. This aircraft is specially prepared for nuclear mission. Aircraft Cloud Computing के जारीय कर सकेगा Its networking capability is also very advanced. In bad weather, it is difficult to contact easily.

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Pentagon said this week in a report in connection with China China By 2035, the number of nuclear weapons is increasing to 1,500. In addition to hypersonic, cyber warfare and space capabilities, the country’s national security and independence are facing a major threat. In 2015, Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said, ‘We needed a new bomber for the 21st century so that we could one day face more complex threats from China and Russia.’

ये भी लेखें: क्या है जिरो कोविड पूली? জাজা কিলি ক্রিকে চেন্য্গ, নাল ক্র্যায়া রান্তাত

Bora Lee James ne kaha, ‘B-21 is a long-term aircraft. Cathy Warden, CEO of Northrop Grumman Corporation, the company that manufactures the radar, said that the aircraft is unlikely to fly before 2023. However, using high-tech computing, Northrop Grumman is testing the radar’s performance.

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