The ‘Into the Wild with Bear Grylls’ show also has a strong following in India. In the past, some Bollywood celebrities have also appeared on the show. Meanwhile, the name of actress Vicky Kaushal has also been included in these stars. In Vicky’s Insta post, fans are giving more comments about Katrina Kaif.

Available on November 12 ….
Let us tell you that ‘Into the Wild with Bear Grylls’ has been seen from Akshay Kumar to Ajay Devgan so far. In that case, now Vicky Kaushal will be seen again showing strength in the show. The article will be released on November 12 on Discovery Plus. The footage of the show was shared by Vicky Kaushal on TV.

The actions of TV users
Various types of online social media users are coming to this Vicky post. While many fans are eager to see Vicky in the show, many fans are commenting on Katrina’s post. Defendant wrote- ‘Katrina leaves her brother-in-law alone and goes into the woods.’ At the same time, one social networking site wrote: ‘Do more than you want before you get married.’ At the same time, many users are advising Bayer to relocate to India and appreciate his love for Bollywood.

The market is hot on the subject of marriage.
Keep in mind that over the past few days, the market has become a hotbed of controversy over Vicky and Katrina’s marriage. Meanwhile, there are reports that Katrina and Vicky have been suspended during a special Diwali event. The E-Times reported in a report that the Roka Ceremony took place at the home of director Kabir Khan. Vicky and Katrina had arrived at different cars to stop them from listening. Only two members of the star-studded family participated in the ceremony. Her brother Sunny Kaushal and parents were next to Vicky. At the same time, Katrina accompanied her sister Isabelle and Suzanne.

Shagun’s gift to Katrina
It is worth noting that even before this happened there were reports of their relationship, at the time such reports were rejected by both of them and called them just rumors. According to the report, Vicky Kaushal’s mother presented Shagun envelope to Katrina on Diwali along with special gifts. Bollywood Life reported in one of its reports that Vicky’s mother Veena Kaushal sent a gift to Katrina.

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