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America’s President Joe Biden

The administration of US President Joe Biden on Tuesday approved the sale of advanced tanks, other combat vehicles and weapons worth about four billion dollars to Poland, its ally of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poland has been allowed to buy 116 M1A1 Abrams tanks and other equipment, including 3.75 billion American dollars worth of various ammunition.

The ministry said that it has also approved the sale of 1.5 billion US dollars of Chinook helicopters to its ally South Korea. According to the Ministry, both approvals of the American national security interests have been given. அத்திய் முர் தார் க்கார் காட்டு கார்க்கு க்கார் காரு க்கு க்கு க்கு க்குக்கு

The Ministry said in a statement that Poland’s purchase of the Abrams tank will support US foreign policy goals and national security objectives by improving the security of NATO allies, which is helpful for political stability and economic progress in Europe. ‘

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