UP42 has announced the recent availability of high-quality images from the Airbus Pléiades Neo star in its geospatial market and construction platform.

The combination of the Pléiades Neo’s 30 cm location stabilization, daily referrals, as well as speed / data transfer will benefit users in all areas, especially urban maps, infrastructure management, disaster response, insurance and agriculture, the company said.

“In view of the recent efforts by the Indian government to create a more cohesive environment, this plays an important role in helping local organizations better manage social, economic and environmental well-being through data and Earth Observation (EO) data,” said Sean Wiid. . CEO, UP42 in his remarks.

The UP42 platform provides building blocks for geospatial companies to expand their business and businesses faster, more efficiently and more costly.

For many UP42 clients accessing data and algorithms through the API platform, Pléiades Neo tasking will be available immediately, it added.


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