The Panchamrit secret of Tulsi Vivah

  • preparation time5 min
  • cooking time 5 min
  • to serve4 People
  • energy sources123

The secret of Panchamrit In Hindi: R Tulsi Vivah is according to the Hindu calendar. On this day people worship Tulsi ji. They are given red chunri. On this day, there is a ceremony for Shaligram to marry the Lady Tulsi in the form of Lord Vishnu. On this special day, after worship, you should offer Panchamrit or panchamrut. Taken as Prasad. It includes 5 elements. These items have a special significance when it comes to religious beliefs, and the five elements involved are also good for health. However, before adding tulsi leaves to it, consult a pandit or expert. Learn how to make Prasad.

Ingredients for making Panchamrit Prasad
half a cup of milk
half a cup of salt
1 teaspoon naked
1 teaspoon sugar or sugar
1 tsp ghee
1 leaf basil
Dried Fruits

How to make Panchamrit Prasad
To make Panchamrit Prasad, first take the curd in a bowl and beat it well. Then add milk to it. Now add honey, boora and desi ghee to it. If you want, you can add water to the rose and dried fruit well. Put the Tulsi page in a prepared Panchamrit Prasad and first include it in worship and give it to the Lord ji before this and after the worship, take yourself as a prasad and distribute it to the rest of the people.

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