Home Politics TRS destroys ₹ 600 crore on Huzurabad bypoll: Eatala

TRS destroys ₹ 600 crore on Huzurabad bypoll: Eatala


A former prime minister and re-elected MLA in Huzurabad under the BJP flag, Eatala Rajender has accused TRS of destroying about ₹ 600 crore of ‘misappropriated property’ and another ₹ 2,500 in cash under Dalit Bandhu, including over-use of police. . they wear ordinary clothes to attract and compel voters. However, people have punished Prime Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for his ‘arrogant and tyrannical rule’.

Mr. and legal entities, “he said Wednesday.

Mr Rajender said there was “a great deal of freedom of expression” in the cohesive days of Andhra Pradesh and that the KCR was violating any form of non-alignment. “Protocols for current and former MPs are also not being followed. I was also denied the opportunity to explain my resignation to the Speaker earlier and to speak on social media today,” he told reporters at the Telangana Martyrs’ Memorial.

He said he was confident that the BJP would gain power throughout the state and urged Telangana intellectuals and those who believed in democracy and the rule of law to come together to defeat TRS “dictatorship” as the “real” KCR factions were exposed.

“I have been unfairly removed from the ministry and this is not allowed. Mr. Rao not only mocked me but also the Constitution. The practice of restricting freedom of thought and expression is short-lived, “he added, led by senior BJP leaders.

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