‘Charters are doing business as fast as Govt. tramples upon the whole earth ‘

With festivities and the holiday season increasing the importance of air travel, it is time for the Government to promote international cooperation under “air-bubble” by expanding countries such as Saudi Arabia and Thailand, says IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta.

As 96 countries around the world recognize Indian vaccines for the COVID-19 vaccine, the Government has been vigilant in reopening international flights. India only allows air travel to or from 28 countries with a temporary schedule, also known as an “air-bubble” agreement.

Air-bubble space

“I hope the Government will open an ‘air-bubble’. Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi are doing very well because of this arrangement. Our next markets, which we are working with the Government, are Saudi Arabia and Thailand. We want this to open … signs that by December it will reopen, ”said Dutta Hinduism Wednesday.

For flights or non-flights, Phuket remains one of the most sought after destinations in the world for travel gateways forcing market players to develop new avenues of support. MakeMyTrip connected with IndiGo and Go First on flights to Phuket. The agreement will allow MMT to lease the entire aircraft from any aircraft, which will sell at the seat. Passengers will also receive round-trip assistance, including airport transfers, Thailand Pass forms assistance, early entry and exit rates, travel insurance, RT-PCR reimbursement and accommodation at ₹ 39,999 for five times. -day trip.

Chargers have become a lucrative business for airlines during the epidemic and have come out as a new way to raise money.

“In the past, we would only receive one or two documents in one month. Now, it is 11% of what we leave, ”said Dutta.

Prior to the COVID-19, the aircraft flew about 33,000 a month. In the past three months, IndiGo has flown about 29,000 flights a month. Thus, the enrollment back of the envelope indicates that the number of kraals has risen from one or two to about 3,200 per month, including goods.

‘Everywhere on the map’

“There is a need for a charter for Male. We have done charts in Malaysia, Tashkent, Milan, Phuket, Nairobi. We have had regular shipping routes to places like Singapore, Rangoon, Hanoi. As a result, everything is on the map,” he said.

Demands for students, travelers, guests and wedding parties.

So, now is not the time for the Government to establish a system of replacing people with global vaccines and reopening scheduled flights? “I wish it would happen, but it is impossible. Fellow travelers, hotels want to open a big bang but I think it will be difficult for the Government because in some countries the cases are still high. We can open slowly around the world, just as we do with home trips. Phuket, Saudi Arabia and then Singapore, and continue to move nationally. ”

Although the airline operates in 24 countries, and travels extensively in short-distance countries, it intends to build its own network to include those within seven hours such as “Manila, Beijing, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Nairobi”. Only when the plane will be looking at the tallest and highest quality stations such as London and New York.


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