Digital Desk, New Delhi. Depression has been observed in people of almost every age nationally and internationally. You can also see people affected by the condition near you. People use a variety of stress-relieving techniques. But through Chinese technology, they can achieve more by eliminating this problem. This deception is beneficial in one thing. Through this program, people have also lost weight of about 30 pounds i.e. for about 13 and a half kilos in five months.

This Chinese method is called EFT for example Emotional Freedom Technique. How knocking is done on other parts of the body. In this case, parts of the body are compressed by the finger. This support seems to be helpful in reducing stress. This deception is a stress reliever that combines psychology with ancient Chinese medicine acupressure, a technique that reduces the stress hormone called cortisol, which in turn reduces the risk of insomnia. This approach encourages positive thinking. In this trick, finger-tapping occurs in five to seven areas of the body.

According to a study published in the American Psychological Association by 2020, there was a significant difference in depression among volunteers before and after 60 minutes of treatment. After 60 minutes of treatment, when the depression of the volunteers was tested, it was much lower than before, after treatment, many symptoms including anxiety, depression appeared better.


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