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The Tuvaluan ambassador stands at sea to record COP26 speech to signal climate change


The video was shot by a TVBC reporter at the very end of Fongafale, the main island of Funafuti, the official said.

Tuvalu’s foreign minister has addressed the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow standing on its knees in the ocean waters to show how its Pacific island nation is at the forefront of climate change.

Pictures of Simon Kofe standing with a suit and tie on a lectern set up at sea, his trouser legs wrapped, widely distributed on television, attracting Tuvalu’s attention to the sea.

“The statement reflects the COP26 experience and real-life experiences in Tuvalu due to climate change and rising sea levels and reflects Tuvalu’s efforts to address the challenges facing climate change,” he said. . Kofe spoke about his video message at the conference.

The video was filmed by a broadcaster TVBC near Fongafale, the main island of Funafuti’s capital, the official said.

It is due to be announced at a climate conference on November 9 and comes as local leaders are pushing for more action to curb climate change.

Many major destroyers have promised to increase their carbon footprint over the next few decades with a view to adequate zero oxygen on 2050.

But Pacific island leaders have called for immediate action, saying the real survival of their low-income countries is at stake.

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