A statement from the police to Nisha stated that she had been raped by Pawan

Prizes for first place in the race, second place in the 200-meter dash, and third place for long-distance martial arts, school competitions, were best placed on a bed where his father lay, broken and trembling, his 20-year-old daughter, Nisha Dahiya, coming to learn wrestler, was shot last evening (Wednesday) along with his brother and his coach Pawan inside the wrestling school.

When his 18-year-old brother Suraj was allegedly chased by Mr Pawan and his friends, their mother Dhanpati, fighting for her life at the Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences in Rohtak, was wounded by a gunshot wound. on his back and arms. Nisha and Suraj were the last of four brothers.

At her two-room house on the narrow street in Sonipat village in Halalpur, her father Dayanand Dahiya (50), with his eyes down all the time, has a hard time expressing his feelings. “She was a very intelligent and thoughtful child … Nisha had won a number of prizes against school and university. She also won second place at the All India Inter-University in Aurangabad in the 52 kg category. , “said Dahiya. Hinduism.

Sent as Inspector by the Central Reserve Police Force to Jammu and Shopian of Kashmir, Dahiya said they always meet the needs of their daughter when it comes to food or weapons. “He joined Pawan’s coaching Academy three years ago, and before that he studied for three years at a wrestling school in Nangal. I gave him money whenever he wanted … how could he kill him? What did his brother do to get him killed too?” he asked.

Relatives show pictures of 21-year-old wrestler Nisha Dahiya and her brother Suraj, who were killed | Photo Credit: SUSHIL KUMAR VERMA

Mr Dahiya added that three months had passed since Nisha began complaining about Mr Pawan’s rape of his mother. “I always have doubts about this teacher … he was confusing Nisha and a few others at her school and taking money from them by thinking of helping them win international medals. He was bad and I warned him but he gave up because of my son’s work, ”he said rudely. Nisha is studying at a college in Kanjawala in Delhi.

His brother Suraj, who was about 19 years old on November 30, enrolled in a computer science course at a Delhi campus and had just finished his Class 12 studies. “We were the same age and even Suraj’s birthday was a month. “November.) We talked a lot on the phone,” said Deepak’s cousin.

As every other day, Wednesday, Nisha went to study at 8 o’clock to go to Sushil Kumar Training Academy, returned at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and then returned. At about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Pawan called Suraj and told him that Nisha was ill, and asked her to take him. Suraj, along with his mother Dhanpati on the pillion, when he arrived at the school, an argument broke out and the teacher and his colleagues shot Nisha and killed her cold; shot his mother, who had fled to the neighboring village of Nahri; and they pursued Suraj until his death in haste.

According to Dhanpati, when she and her son arrived at the school, Mr Pawan, his wife and other relatives were present and followed Nisha to the gate. “Nisha told me that the teacher also insulted her and threatened the consequences if she told anyone … following this, she was shot,” he said.

Nisha’s neighbors remember one of the soldiers who often saw her learning, “taking care of herself”. “‘Ram Ram tauji (uncle) ‘is how he greeted everyone on the way to school. He always came to our aid when we were in need. I still can’t believe we lost it, “said Subhash Chander, a neighbor.

Laxmi, a neighbor, recalled: “Suraj and Nisha were both very simple and easy to talk to. We did not expect this to happen. ”

The school, located about a mile from Nisha’s home, was demolished by local residents shortly after the incident. Although no links have been leaked to Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar, Mr Pawan is said to have been “inspired” by Mr Kumar. There are several pictures of Mr. Kumar and Mr. Pawan decorating the walls of the school.

Haryana police on Thursday arrested the main accused, Mr Pawan, his wife Sujata, and his brother-in-law Amit, in connection with the case. Assistant Superintendent of Police (Kharkhoda) Mayank Gupta said, “We have sent four police teams to arrest the other suspects, and a reward of l 1 lakh has been announced for arrest, in consultation with the community group.”


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