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The Ministry of Commerce shares a list of 102 items to reduce exports

New Delhi. The government wants to reduce the country’s purchasing power and fulfill India’s dream of self-reliance by promoting domestic production of imported goods. To achieve the goal of the Central Government, the Ministry of Trade Unions has provided a list of 102 exports and advised the relevant ministries to take action to reduce their assets.

The prime minister said on Wednesday that he would increase the number of items in the house. relying on imported goods can be reduced. For this reason, services related to the drug have been asked to take action. These mainly include cooking coal, machinery, medicine and digital cameras. According to the analysis, a gradual decrease was also observed in the release of these substances. For a long time, these items have been used for many export purposes. During March-August 2021 alone, the total amount of 102 items exported was 57.66 percent. He said there was an opportunity to increase domestic productivity. For these reasons, the Ministry of Commerce has submitted the views of the relevant Ministries and Departments to take immediate action.

Of the 102 items on the list, 18 retailers have a high interest rate and a number of imports. These include gold, palm oil, integrated circuits (IC), personal computers, urea, stainless steel pieces, refined copper, cameras, sunflower oil and phosphoric acid. The main purpose of identifying these items is to take action to reduce dependence on the outside.

The official said the demonstrations also show that the demand for these items continues to grow. In that case, there is a need to remove domestic barriers to finance. The list is shared by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry, Information Technology and Electronics, the Ministry of Mines, Heavy Industries, Chemicals, Metals, Oil and Natural Gas, Fertilizers, Telecom, Shipping, Food Processing and Textiles. .

India’s exports stood at $ 331.29 billion in April-October 2021, an increase of 78.71 percent compared to $ 185.38 billion in April-October 2020. The value of April-October 2019 was 286.07 billion.

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