Effects of face soap: When we get home at night after a long time, the skin becomes full of dust, dirt, sweat, cosmetics etc. on the face. Without proper cleansing, all dust and oily substances clog pores on the skin with redness, itching and problems of any kind begin to appear on the face. All of these together add to the rapid aging of the skin and the problem of acne, pimples and so on reappears. In such cases, facial cleansing is a very important factor. But what is the best way to clean your face and apply soap to your face? The answer is no. Health According to this, if we apply soap directly on the skin, then the pH level of the skin is greatly affected.

Do not use face soap for this purpose

1. It impairs the PHA level

Soap contains a lot of salt that changes pH balance with acid iron easily. As a result, the skin begins to deteriorate.

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2. Dry the skin

No matter how oily your skin is, if you apply soap to the face, it removes natural oils from the skin and makes it firm and dry.

3. Increases redness in the face

Fragrances and soaps in soap make the skin worse, which can cause redness, itching and other problems on the face.

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Apply this kind of soap on the face

You have a lot of ways to clean your face without soap. You can use specially made cream detergents, foam cleaners, clay detergents, gel cleaners, oil cleaners etc. Apart from these, you can clean your skin with natural or household items.

Clean your face like this

-Wash your face with water.

Take a drop of cleaning detergent from the palms and foam it.

Afterwards, apply well on face and light hands.

Massage gently circulated.

Now wash your face thoroughly with water and dry it.

Apply moisturizer on face.

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