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The Chinese Communist Party has praised ‘helmsman’ Xi after a “historic” plenum


The ruling has repeatedly mentioned the need to “ensure that all party members work together” to support Xi as a “peak”.

After a day The Communist Party made a “very” decision elevating the position of Chinese leader Xi Jinping in the same way as his longest-serving leaders, the Chinese ruling party called Mr. Xi being the “director”, a name that was originally reserved for Mao Zedong only.

Thursday, a The party’s annual general meeting called plenum “presents its first decision” since 1981 – with only the third announcement in its 100-year history – Mr. Xi and he wanted to be faithful to ensure its “real place” in the party.

The conference also announced that the party will hold a six-year leadership conference next year, with Xi due to start for a third five-year term, having already abolished borders, in a ruling position.

Friday, chief The party leader also emphasized the role of Mr. Xi and called him the “leader” of the party, a term that only Mao was honored with.

“This is a temporary invitation, a choice of history, and popular preferences,” Jiang Jinquan, head of the Central Committee’s Policy Research Office, said at a press conference in Beijing.

In pursuit of and under the protection of Secretary-General Xi, the party is made up of decision-makers, the people have their support, and China’s main “reconstruction” fleet has a pilot. a fishing boat in spite of strong winds and waves. ‘”

He also said that Xi Jinping’s contribution to the party, “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”, would take “guidance” and ensure that the party continues to prosper.

On Thursday “Resolution on the great success and history of the party in the last 100 years” gave many places to praise the leadership of Mr. Xi and called on the party to “establish its main faculty”.

It mentioned several times the need to “ensure that all party members work together” to support Mr. Xi as “peak”.

This was the third historical decision the party had made, and the previous two had significant changes in its politics. In 1945, Mao Zedong issued a decree that removed the party from the Stalinist influence and was the beginning of Mao’s many years of political and ideological rule.

In 1981, Deng Xiaoping issued a decree that contrasted Maoism with the monopoly on one religion to usher in a reform movement.

In line with the change of one-man rule, Deng has been called a “successful” leader but not a “helmsman” and has evaded the building of humanity. Deng also left a legacy of so-called “public leadership” with a ten-year limit for his two successors, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. The model confirmed the smooth transition of the three forces, turning the page into a Maoism mess.

The party, however, has abolished all party leadership and the term of office, and on Thursday the only decision was a recent statement to confirm the party’s role as the “core” of the party.

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