Benefits of hair serum: Hair Serum is a styling product that is applied to the top of the hair. There are many types of hair serum, which you can buy and use depending on your hair color. This hair serum removes the coldness of the hair and brings extra light to the hair. Health According to, many of its methods also work to protect hair from many problems. We tell you here how to use hair serum and how it is beneficial.

how to use hair serum

Every time you wash your hair with shampoo, use a hair dryer with a towel. Start at the end of your hair and apply it on top to the center of your hair. Remember not to use hair serum on the scalp as it can make your hair oily and oily. When using, keep in mind that for 3 to 4 seconds, it is thick, so instead of rubbing it on your palm right away, hold it in your hands for 5-6 seconds and when it is soft, that is. hair Put it on

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Benefits of applying serum to hair

1.Control Cooling

If your hair starts to look dry and dull, then you can use a serum to keep it healthy and shiny. The silicone contained in it makes the hair stand on end and makes the hair heavier and more curly. Many serums contain hydrolyzed proteins that protect hair from being damaged.

2. Add Smooth

If your hair is not smooth, it will shake and break. In that case, the smoothness of the hair is very important. You can make your hair soft and supple with the help of hair serum.

3. Give More Light

Many hair serums use silicones that reflect light, making the hair look brighter.

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4. provide protection

In fact, the hair serum makes the hair follicle so that the hair is not directly exposed to any kind of contamination, sunlight or any other substance. The reason why they are also saved from so many types of damage. Apart from this, it also protects hair from hair styling, straightening, dyeing, heat loss, exposure to the sun and more.

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