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The air of Delhi flows a little better


Delhi’s airline rose slightly to “very poor” Monday, being in the “dangerous” category for three consecutive days after Deepavali, with an AQI average of 390, according to Central Pollution Control Board’s 4pm bulletin.

The increase in wind speed has been cited by forecasting agencies as a factor in contributing to climate change.

SAFAR (System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research) said 5,450 fires were reported in the suburbs of Delhi on Sunday, which is the highest this season, but part of a farm fire in the city’s air pollution reduced access. 30% Monday from 48% Sunday. According to the forecast, Delhi AQI is expected to remain in the ‘poorest’ category on November 9 and 10. It is expected to “make steady progress over the next five days but remain in the ‘poorest’ and ‘lowest’ category. poor ‘”.

Meet today

Delhi Minister of Environment Gopal Rai said the AAP government would hold a meeting on Tuesday with the relevant departments to take action to reduce pollution in the city. He called on the Federal Government to convene an international conference on emergency measures to reduce burns.

Mr Rai said in order to curb dust pollution in Delhi, 114 tanks had been sent to various locations to pump water. He added that 92 sites had been closed for violations.

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