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The Afghan food crisis The UN over India says talks are under way on food aid


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India’s dialogue on food aid in Afghanistan: UN

New Delhi. Cecilia Garges, head of the World Food Program in Afghanistan, said talks were underway between the United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) and India to provide food aid to Afghanistan. The watchdog urged countries to do all they can to help families in Afghanistan, which is facing a major humanitarian crisis. Commenting on the growth and culture of the food crisis in Afghanistan, Gargos said the opportunity to provide food for families has been severely affected by various factors.

In an interview with PTI, the Guards said all countries, including India, should do all they can to help families in Afghanistan. He said: “Lack of food and other family alternatives, many Afghans can move out of their homes in search of security and stability. Afghanistan is facing the biggest challenges in the world and its needs far exceed those of Ethiopia, South Sudan., Syria and Yemen. The country must do everything in its power to prevent this catastrophe.

Asked if the World Food Program (WFP) had requested assistance from India for assistance, he said “good talks” are underway between WFP and the Indian government to support food aid assistance, including in Afghanistan. We hope this (negotiations) will end soon, ”he said.

Guards say Afghanistan now has no jobs, money and a way for parents to buy food for their families. He added that Afghanistan had experienced a second drought in three years, and as a result, the country’s crop production had plummeted and affected rural livelihoods.

He also said that people who are forced to flee the conflict are living in camps and rely heavily on humanitarian aid, and the economy has deteriorated due to the suspension of the international currency after 15 August. Gargoson said a recent review showed that 2.28 crore people could face serious food shortages in the coming months. We have not seen the situation in Afghanistan in the last 10 years as people are facing food shortages, he said. These are frightening and frustrating times.

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