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Thailand चिनो को बार्डा ज्ञाक देने की अधितारी में है. उसका केहना है की अगर चीन अपने वादे पर खरा नहीं ट्रो तो वो वह अक बदी दील काईसिल कर डेगा. Thailand ki sarkar ne apni baat phir se अध्योर्टे है कहा है कहा है की अगर प्रेष्ट की करेंट को नहीं की की की जाया है तो वह सुस्त पादी चीनी पंडुबी सौडे को रुद्या है According to the English-language daily newspaper The Bangkok Post, Commander-in-Chief of the Thai Navy, Adam Chongchai Chomchoengpet, said last week that if the terms of the purchase are not favorable, then they will withdraw from their submarine purchase project with China. ready

In 2017, Thailand made a deal with China’s state-owned China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company (CSOC) to buy a submarine for 13.5 billion baht (Thailand’s official currency). Under the deal, the Chinese company was to deliver S26T Yuan-class submarines to Thailand by 2023. According to the Bangkok Post, under the contract, the Chinese company was to install the excellent German-made MTU 396 diesel engine in the submarine. May living है कि जज अपने अपने अपने चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन चीन अनुमति नहीं नहीं नहीं नहीं.

At the beginning of this year, the construction of the submarine was halted when the German company said that it would not supply its latest MTU396 diesel engine to the Chinese company for installation in the Thai submarine. The German company said that China will not sell its engine to the Chinese company. After that, the Chinese company said to Thailand that they built a submarine in China. In addition, China has sent two boats to Thailand for its People’s Liberation Army.

Writing for The Diplomat magazine, columnist Sebastian Strangio said that the Thai government rejected this offer. The government insisted that German submarines be installed according to the contract. Thailand Pradhan Mantri Prayut Chan-o-cha ne March men correspondents se kaha ne kaha tha, “बिना आग्यों वाली पनदुबी का हम क्या करें? हम एसे क्योन बुरै?”



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