Texas. In America, a woman threw hot soup in front of a restaurant manager. According to reports, the story is from Texas. According to reports, the customer did so after finding plastic in a spicy soup in Sol de Jalisco, a Mexican chain located in Temple, Texas. Finding the plastic in the soup, the customer went to the restaurant manager Janelle Borland. He said the lid of the soup container was open. After that, the woman immediately threw the hot sauce to the boss.

Pictures of this incident have been circulating on Tiktok. It appears in the video that at first the woman was arguing with the supervisor. He then removes the lid from the container to expose the melting plastic. After this, he suddenly throws a sauce on Borland’s face. Then he leaves the store.

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Borland was devastated, although he was not harmed. ” The Mail Online newspaper quoted Borland as saying, ‘The experience was very traumatic and tragic. I also felt terrible knowing that someone would make fun of me for doing wrong. Borland has reported the matter to Temple Police. They also have pictures of the woman’s car. He believes Borland has taken decisive action in this regard.

People want her to be punished
After the complaints were filed, Temple police officer Alan Teston said, ‘We condemn this kind of behavior. If someone feels that he has not served properly, we advise him to stay calm until the matter is settled.

Video of the event was shared by Borland himself. So far he has been seen more than 50 lakh times. At the same time, on the Internet and on social networking sites there is a demand for severe punishment for the accused woman.

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