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Techie from India sentenced to life without parole in the US for killing three children with his wife


Los Angeles (USA). Indian IT expert Shankar Nagappa Hangud, who confessed to killing his wife and three children in the US in 2019, has been sentenced by a court to life in prison and was on parole at the time of his sentencing. Investigators say Hangud, 55, has confessed to killing his wife and three children in a matter of days at his California home, KCRA-TV said Wednesday. He said this was due to the financial crisis.

According to the report, he did not respond to a verdict in Placer County. Hangud appeared when he went to the Mount Shasta police department and told police he had killed four people. Later, Roseville police found the bodies of his wife and two children in their Junction Road home. A fourth body was found in his car parked outside Mount Shasta police station. This body belonged to her baby.

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The killing of all four people took place within a week
Police had said at the time that Hangud had committed a massacre for a week. His wife and daughter were killed within three days. The four were identified as Hangud’s wife Jyoti Shankar, 46, his 20-year-old son Vroom Shankar and 13-year-old son Nischal Hangud and 16-year-old daughter Gauri Hangud.

Hangud killed his wife, his daughter and his young son in his Roseville home on October 7. He later also killed his eldest son between Roseville and Mount Shasta. He volunteered on 13 October on Mount Shasta itself.

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Placer County Attorney David Telman said the death had shocked the community and no relative was alive to see justice.

Prosecutors allege that Hangud claimed he was fired from his IT job, leaving him frustrated and surrounded by problems.

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