The Taliban have replaced a statue of a Hazara leader who declared his martyrdom with the former government and the Koran image, Bamiyan residents said Thursday – warning that it could lead to violence.

The original image shows Abdul Ali Mazari, a leader of a minority Shia group killed during a Taliban captivity during his first tenure. The statue was beheaded by a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade shortly after taking office in August, in a series of protests against courageous Muslims.

The Islamic interpretation of the Taliban prohibits human form from being displayed in paintings and sculptures – and often printed images. Many businesses have removed or concealed posters and posters since the seizure.

“Yesterday, he removed the statue and replaced it with an image of the Koran,” said Abdul Danishyar, a spokesman for the Bamiyan people. “They are trying to erase the history of Bamiyan. People have resorted to violence.”


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