Friendship Tips: In fact, when questioned, Taapsee revealed more about his relationship. At the same time, regarding the marriage, the actress stated, ‘I will only get married if I have children. I want to have children and a family. I don’t even want to have a very big wedding. All of this will happen in one day with family and close friends. Tasks that last several days can be very tedious. It will be like a one-day program.

Taapsee’s comments are not the only ones who feel that way, but there are many people who consider marriage to be less important. Many couples think that marriage should be based on opinion and not on age.

Times have changed, attitudes have changed, attitudes toward relationships have changed, but when it comes to marriage, girls are terrified. Marriage is an important part of life. We choose decisions as a romantic relationship easily, but making a marriage decision is difficult.

Many young women choose to remain single so that they can get a job, fearing that they will never be able to do what they want when they get married. Why girls are afraid to get married, today we tell you-

I do not want to stand still
When a girl gets married, she leaves her family and goes to her husband’s house. In that case, new people, new places, everything is different for her and it takes a lot of time for a girl to understand this. Sometimes it just so happens that the girl is not able to stick that way. She does not get the same air as her house. Mother-in-law begins to impose restrictions on not wearing such clothes, not going out with friends. To avoid this, the girl sees that the decision to marry is a good one.

family problems
Many girls have heard from their relatives or friends about the dangers involved in marriage. Marriage is just one aspect of their lives, and many people get divorced as a result. That is why so many young women run away from marriage.

the responsibility of children
It often happens that as soon as a marriage ends, the family begins to question the children. In that case, the girl should leave her job and stay home, because most in-laws do not allow work during pregnancy. That is why girls do not want to get married.

mention of marriage
As girls grow up to be fit for marriage, even if their parents do not know it, some relatives may worry about the girl’s marriage. Sometimes girls get angry over this and decide not to get married.

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