The final match of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 will be played between Australia and New Zealand at Dubai International Stadium this evening. Both teams want to fulfill their dream of taking the cup for the first time. The New Zealand team has a chance to win the second cup this year after winning the ICC World Test Championship. However, Australian athlete Adam Zampa could prevent the Kiwi team’s dream from being realized. Zampa has won 12 wickets in the tournament so far. An important part of the Australian team, Zampa excels economically during the medium term. Now India’s top batsman Sachin Tendulkar has also been amazed to see his impressive bowling performances. Sachin said Zampa releases the ball by looking at the fighter’s movements, which the footballer often does not seem to be doing.

Tendulkar praised Australia’s Zampa for breaking legs in a video posted on Facebook. Zampa said throwing a plate at the wrestler. “I have seen one thing in Zampa football. When the batsman comes out, his ballpark stays behind him. If you loosen the ball over your head, it is a good long ball or a short ball. You release the ball when the hand moves slightly forward in front of the head, meaning that if the release area is in front, the ball is shorter. Then he would throw the ball back as the batsman came out.

He also said that when the batsmen do not come out, they immediately release the ball. Shipping was not fast, length was ahead. I remember the commentator saying it was about the height of the yoke. You do not usually see a crook doing this. Sometimes the left-hander hits the ball hard. It is not easy for a crook to do so.

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