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“We Come Here With A Clear Order”: Aaron Finch Race to Australia in T20 World Cup

Australian captain Aaron Finch sees his team reaching the final of the ICC (International Cricket Council) T20 World Cup is no surprise and after completing such a distance, his team has the necessary talent to become professionals in the first division. Australia reached the international stage after losing in all competitions played this year.

The team lost to New Zealand, West Indies and Bangladesh before the tournament. However, they defeated Pakistan by five wickets in the second semi-final on Thursday to secure a place in the final, where they will face New Zealand.

“It ‘s not unexpected. We have come here with a clear plan to try and win this competition. We have always seen that we have the ability to do this and so many players,” Finch said last night. .I’m. “

“A lot of people didn’t look down on us ahead of the race. So the way we put it in was very impressive. Everyone is very well prepared and at one point the team has been very strong,” he said. Our players are ready for the finals tomorrow. “

The team leader said, “We had a lot of confidence, we were confident with the way we planned, our approach was to help us. team to make this happen. “

The Australian team, which has won the ODI World Cup five times, has not won a single T20 World Cup. Finch hopes his team can change Sunday. “Of course, this is something we have not been able to achieve in the past. But being at the end has given us a chance to do better,” he said.

The 34-year-old opener said, “It will be a great game. New Zealand is a very good team, it has reached the finals (ICC tournament) in the last six years. We look forward to the game.”

Explaining that New Zealand is a dangerous team, he said: “They can not be ignored. They have great potential, experience and skill, so I was not surprised (after New Zealand to the end) at all. There is a lot in the New Zealand Talent team, they have been “The best team in power sports and football in the long run, it’s going to be tough.”

Finch also said he is not too worried about throwing because ‘sometimes, you have to hit first and win the match’.

Clearly in this competition and in the past in the IPL, the reality is that the team that is chasing the target is the winner. In the last game and I’m looking forward to losing, I don’t want to fight first, “he said.

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“I think if we can do better, we can force the team that is chasing you,” he said.


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