“He is one of my bowlers and has won many games in Pakistan,” said Pakistan captain Babar Azam.

Pakistan team captain Babar Azam has offered his condolences to team-mate Hasan Ali whose error on the pitch kept Matthew Wade safe. An exciting success for Australia in the semifinals of the Twenty20 World Cup Thursday.

After conceding 44 runs in four overs without wickets, Hasan had a disappointing encounter with the final stages of the game he saw at Dubai International Stadium.

While Australia needed 22 runs from the last two overs, Wade hit Shaheen Afridi’s third ball and sent a skier to Hasan who lost the leg.

Wade responded by hitting three assists in a row to finish off the running of the game.

“If it had been taken then the events would have been different but it is part of the game,” Babar told reporters.

“He is one of my biggest bowlers and has won many matches in Pakistan. Players throw ropes but he is a fighter and I will support him,” he said.

“Everyone is not doing well every day. There is a day when someone is doing. It did not have his day. He is down and we will raise him up.”

Babar felt that 176-4 when put in the bat was the best by the 2009 experts.

“We started well with all the good things but unfortunately the ending was not good,” Babar said.

“The way we played the game and the way the boys fought, I hope we will continue this.”

A team doctor has revealed that the shooter, Mohammad Rizwan, the 67-year-old winner of Pakistan, spent two days in hospital suffering from chest pains before being declared fit for the final game.

“The way he played (Rizwan) today showed he was a team man,” Babar said. “I have a lot of confidence in his ideas and how he works.”


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