India Team Captain Virat Kohli wrote a touching message after his trip to India in the T20 World Cup. This was Virat Kohli’s final match as T20 captain and the team did not even make it to the semi-finals. Virat made a sensational tweet after the end of the Indian tour from the tournament. Virat said no one would be more disappointed than the team to come out this way. Along with this, Virat also spoke of a strong recurrence in the future.

Virat ali Twitter But he wrote, ‘Together we want to achieve a goal. Unfortunately we were not able to, no one could be more disappointed than us as a team. All of you have been very supportive, and we are grateful for that. Our goal is to come back strong and move forward. Jai Hind! ‘

The start of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 was not good for Team India, as the team faced a difficult exit in the semi-finals. The Indian team defeated Pakistan and New Zealand in the first two matches, after which their exit from the tournament was guaranteed. Following this, India won three games in a row. India defeated Afghanistan, Scotland and Namibia by a landslide, but exited the semi-finals, two points behind New Zealand.

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