Pakistani athlete Harris Rauf proved his mettle against Australia in the semi-finals of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, scoring 32 runs in three overs without taking wickets. Pakistan lost due to poor performance of the players and the team failed to reach the final. However, in that match, Australian footballer Glenn Maxwell was unable to do much in batting and only seven runs came out on 10 balls. But Australia won impressively and reached the final.

After the game, a photo of Rauf and Maxwell appeared, showing off their national team jerseys. Darsal Maxwell and Rauf played for the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League (BBL). The Pakistani sprinter was part of the Melbourne Stars while Maxwell was the team’s captain. This is why after the World Cup semi-final, there was a very close relationship between the two. Fans also love the game of all cricket players. Melbourne Stars too Twitter But he posted a picture of the two players, as they change their national team jerseys from the hotel.

Maxwell also shared the photo on his Instagram. He wrote in the caption to the picture, ‘I’m so glad that this young potter came to me. What he has done for Melbourne Stars and Pakistani cricket is amazing. He is a good man and a wonderful friend. He is someone I have always loved as a friend. You are the star, Harris Rauf.


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