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Swara Bhasker did well when the driver posted a tweet My employee is more beautiful than you – Entertainment News India


Swara Bhaskar has an open mind on every issue. It Twitter But trolls are also practiced every day, but Swara never fails to speak his words freely. This time he responded so well to the troller that he stopped talking. The user wrote on the Swara photo that his maid is more beautiful than she is. The actor’s response to the troller’s comment touched her heart.

Troller’s comment on the picture

In fact Swara Bhaskar posted a picture of herself, sitting on the trees and looking at the camera. With this, he wrote the words- ‘Saree, park, walk, book … in peace, certainly a feeling.’

In this Swara tweet, a troll @Truth_Alwayss wrote- ‘My maid looks more beautiful than you look in a saree. more beautiful than you. ‘

the answer to the question

Responding to the troller, Swara writes’ I hope your home help (homework helper) is wonderful. I hope you respect his efforts and his dignity and do not insult him. ‘

The player complimented

Artist Tillotama Shome praised Swara Bhaskar and wrote that ‘just imagine a world that is said to be “You look like my servant” This is a class discrimination. I pray for your strength to deal with this kind of shaking. Love. ‘

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