Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty

The search for late actors Sushant Singh Rajput reached actress Riha Chakraborty. Chakraborty was not only interrogated for hours during the investigation, but also his bank accounts and equipment were also confiscated. The actor demanded the release of bank accounts and electronic devices. Similarly the special NDP court in Mumbai has given relief to player Riya Chakraborty. He allowed the actors’ bank account to be destroyed and the weapons seized last year to be released.

Riya argued in court that his finances were not good, that the use of the funds deposited in his account should be allowed, which the court agreed.

CBI investigation into Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is still pending, support sought from Facebook, Google in the US

Find out what’s wrong

It has been a long time since Sushant’s death, after his death on June 14, 2020, Mumbai police began investigating the case and calling it a suicide. .The case was registered to assist, the case was referred to the CBI, despite the couple’s request and the high court case, the CBI legal team, AIIMS from Sushant’s house to the hospital, doctors who performed postmortem, Riya, Shovik Chakraborty in the house as well as Notes of all staff those present were written several times.

Apart from the CBI, two other intermediate ED investigative agencies and the Narcotics Control Bureau investigated the case, the NCB arrested a number of people including Riya, Sauvik on drug trafficking and questioned all of Bollywood’s most popular questions after drug dealing.

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