New Delhi. If you want extra money without work (How to earn money?) then you do business privately (extra money) can. Today we give you a good business idea (Business idea) how to earn lakhs of rupees per month for very little income when you are at home (Make some money) can.

These are businesses whose advertising is online or offline (Internet business) can do both ways and can earn a good profit. You can do this by working as a side business (Profitable business ideas) as he can.

Making Chalk Business
Chalk making is a small business. You can easily start it when you are at home. We all know that chalk is important in all schools and colleges. Not many materials are needed to make chalk. You can start it for only Rs 10,000. In this case, colored chalk can also be made of white chalk. Let us tell you that chalk is made mainly from the Plaster of Paris. It’s white powder. It is a type of clay made from stone called Gypsum.

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Bindi Making Business
The demand for bindi has increased dramatically in the market these days. In the past, only married women used bindi, but now girls have started using bindi. Not only that, women are also starting to wear bindi in foreign countries. In that case, there has been a huge leap in his will. Binding can start when you are at home and invest only Rs 12,000.

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Envelope Planning Business
Making envelopes is a simple and inexpensive business. This is a product made from paper or card board etc. They are widely used in placement. Used for carrying items such as papers, greeting cards etc. This is a green business. That is, there will be a monthly profit in this business. When you start this business at home, then you have to invest 10,000 to 30,000 and if you make envelopes and machines, then you have to invest 2,00,000 to 5,00,000.

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The candle making business
This business has changed dramatically over time. In the past, where the candle was used to illuminate when the lamp was extinguished, now its use has increased in the decoration of birthdays, houses, hotels. In that case, the demand for candles has grown exponentially. If you want to start a business, you can start and invest 10,000 to 20,000 dollars at home.

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