New Delhi. If you want to start your own business, then today we are going to tell you about a great business idea. What you can do with less money and earn more money each month, the same in a very short time .. Yes! We are talking about Cultivating Green Chilli. It can be dangerous in taste, but the benefits from it can melt the taste in your life.

Tell us how this farming can help you to make a profit. You can earn up to 12 lakh rupees (Get Money for Cultivating Green Chilli) in 9 to 10 months by placing 2-3 lakhs on growing chilli.

Learning to farm?
At the same time, you need to fertilize, irrigate, fertilize with pesticides, harvest, sell on time to cultivate chilli. For this you will need 7 to 8 kg of chili seeds. You can get this for between 20-25 thousand rupees. The cost of hybrid seeds can rise up to 35-40 rupees. The price of the Magadheera hybrid seed is 40 rupees. In one hectare, you spend 2.5-3 lakh rupees per whole seed price.

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Start growing chilli in 2 to 3 lakhs
You can start growing chilli on a hectare of land. Cultivation of chilli should be done by making beds. Good hybrid seeds should be selected for chilli cultivation. Chilli plants should be planted at a height of 2–2 feet with a spacing of 2–3 feet between two beds.

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If you grow the Magadheera hybrid chilli, it can produce about 250-300 quintals per hectare. Price in the market can range from Rs 30 to Rs 80. For example, suppose your peppers sell for Rs 50 per kilogram, then 300 quintals of chillies will be worth about Rs 15 lakhs, that is, you will earn Rs 12 lakhs per hectare one.

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