New Delhi. If you are thinking of starting your own business, then you can try your hand at the paper witness business. You can also get government support to start this business. Today we are telling you how to set up a production unit to make paper towels and how much it costs. Through this business you can earn a lot of money.

Let us tell you that due to lifestyle changes, the demand for paper towels, also known as tissue paper, has grown exponentially. Tissue paper has made its place in the home, office, hotel-restaurant. The remarkable thing is that the demand for muscle tissue is growing rapidly not only in cities but also in villages. That is why this business is growing so much. In that case, trade opportunities are also created in it.

3.50 lakh should be added
If you want to set up a paper towels section, then you need to fix about Rs 3.50 lakh. Once you have that much money, you can apply for a loan from any bank under the Mudra system. For Rs 3.50 lakh with you, the bank will give you about Rs 3 lakh 10 as a long-term loan and a working loan of up to Rs 5.30 lakh.
You can make 1.50 lakh pounds of paper towels a year. These towels can be sold for about 65 rupees per kg. That is, you can pay back about Rs 97.50 lakh a year.

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That’s enough money
Machine costs Rs 4.40 lakh (in this machine Rs 4 lakh with sales tax, and Rs 40,000 per insurance), Rs 7.13 lakh on raw materials (monthly), Rs 7 lakh on tissue paper 21 GSM about 12.5 tons, ink and Rs. 10,000 per purchase, Rs.3000 per freight, Rs.27600 per staff (per month) Other Rs 13,500, electricity Rs 2,500, transport Rs 3,000, utility 1,000, telephone Rs 0,0,0 Rs 0,0,0 Rs repairs , Rs 7.54 lakh of operating expenses. Then the total cost will be Rs 11.94 lakh.

you will get how many
You can make about 1.50 lakh pounds of paper towels a year. These clothes can be sold for around Rs 65 per kg. That is, you can pay back about Rs 97.50 lakh a year. In that case, if you add up the total amount, then about 92.50 lakh rupees will be spent. That is, you can save 5 lakh rupees a year. That is, you can earn 42,000.

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Put it under Mudra Yojana
For this reason, you can register at any bank under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. To do this, you need to fill out a form, a name, address, business address, education, income and the amount of credit required. No fees or penalties should be paid in this regard. The loan can be repaid gradually.

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