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Some infections can progress if the corona rtpcr test report does not exist but symptoms are present in dlpg patients


New Delhi. Corona cases are on the rise in India due to Omicron’s disease. Now more than half and a half lakh infected with Kovid are coming every day. In the last 24 hours, 1.79 lakh cases of Kovid were registered in the country. However, according to the new guidelines, now the period of isolation or isolation from Kovid patients has been reduced from 14 days to 7 days. It is said that the disease lasts for seven days. However, it appears in many patients that even if the RT-PCR report is negative, Kovid’s symptoms do not disappear. Patients have a cough, chills, headache, sore throat or body aches etc. Therefore, the big question is, why do the symptoms persist even if the report is bad and recover from the disease? If so, is it a matter of risk?

For this reason, Associate Director of Max Hospital, Gurugram Dr. Shailesh Sahai In an interview with News 18 Hindi, it is said that all corona patients who come in are asymptomatic, mild or independent. No matter what, either the Omicron Vaccine or the Corona, but most patients are not coming right now. In that case, there is an ICMR directive that in this case, due to covid, the patient will be cured within seven days. On the other hand, if the hospital is not well established, then there is no need to test RT-PCR for the patient to say that he or she has no disease.

Although there is a negative report, if the symptoms persist, then it can be serious.
Dr. Sahai says it usually appears that after seven days, the patient’s RT-PCR report comes without corona, but there are symptoms of corona, such as colds, coughs, flu, body aches, headaches. or malaria etc. they are still abandoned, so there may be another reason for them. Dr. Sahai says that the presence of these symptoms even after the illness has meant that the patient has some other problem or problem. The patient may have a sore throat, stomach or chest or may have a urinary tract infection that can cause fever and other problems. In such cases, it is important to diagnose and treat the condition.

There is no reason to be afraid in this situation
Dr. According to Sahai, according to the new guidelines, if there is no respiration, fever and oxygen intake throughout Covid, then after 7 days of solitary confinement, they are freeing themselves from the disease. On the other hand, suppose there are symptoms such as colds, flu or body aches, but if the saturation level is above 94 and does not go down, then there is no reason to be afraid or terrified. Therefore, if there is a problem or symptom, the patient should measure the oxygen level regularly in a pulse-oximeter. Ask your doctor if you are under 94 years of age.

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