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Smaller investors will have the opportunity to make money in the govt security market

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched the Retail Direct Scheme, a consumer management system at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The Reserve Bank of India Retail Direct Scheme seeks to increase its trading opportunities in the Securities Government market. Under this, the process has been opened for retailers to trade directly in the security provided by the Government of India and the Federal Government.

At the start of the process, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this retail direct scheme With the help of the retail direct scheme, small investors in the country have an easy and secure way to save money in public enterprises. He said the policy launched today would boost the country’s financial growth and enable investors to access financial markets more easily and safely.

Advertisers can open government accounts online with the Reserve Bank of India and keep those protections. The service will be free. The Prime Minister said we want to make everyone part of the economic development. This will give small investors confidence to make a profit. Citizens need to know more about each policy. Coalition of small investors is essential for national development. The funds will provide the government with funding to build a new India. Homeowners can now make safer money.

He added that in the last 7 years, NPAs have been known to have transparency, focus on redress and restructuring, central bank banks have rescheduled, fiscal policy and state-owned banks have been restructured one after the other. To improve the banking sector, affiliated banks were also brought under the RBI. As a result the control of the banks is increasing and the trust in the system is being strengthened among the lakhs of depositors.

The Prime Minister said that in recent years, in the country’s banks, from economic integration to technological integration and other reforms, we have seen their potential even during the Kovid crisis. The RBI’s decision also helped to amplify the major decisions the government was making. During this time of Amrit Mahotsav, this decade of 21 is crucial to the development of the country. In that case, the RBI’s role is even greater. I believe that Team ABI will meet the national requirements.

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