SIP Power You also become a millionaire with the help of a 15:15 source of revenue.

New Delhi. Who does not know the effectiveness of a Systematic Investment Plan for example SIP. Gradually investing through SIP has become one of the best ways to generate more wealth over the long term. There are several consolidated funds that have provided annual reimbursement of more than 15% over a long period of time. The 15-15-15 process is generated by this SIP power.

According to the policy, if a person receives Rs 15,000 per month for 15 years SIP One can save up to Rs 1 crore with an annual return of 15 percent in dividends. We can understand this by reading:

Estimated return of 15 percent per annum on deposits of Rs 15000 per month in equity payments for 15 years:

time for money all savings return welcome purchase money
5 years 900,000 rupees Price 445,225 Price 13,45,225
10 years Rs 18,00,000 Price 23,79,859 Price 41,79,859
15 years 27,00,000 Rs. Price 74,52,946 Price 1,01,52,946

According to this calculation, investing Rs 15,000 per month and repaying 15%, the total savings will be Rs 27 lakh and repayment on this will be more than Rs 74 lakh and the total cost of one crore lakh. 52,000 will be more than Rs. If your income increases over time and you increase your income by 5 percent a year, then the value of your money will be higher, with a 15 percent return …

Return on sale Rs 15,000 for 15 years and 5% annual growth in SIP

time for money all savings return welcome purchase money
5 years Price 9,94,613 Price 4,65,324 Price 14,59,988
10 years Price 38,84,141 Price 25,35,628 Price 47,99,648
15 years 27,00,000 Rs. Price 81,47,435 Price 1,20,31,577

As a result, increasing the SIP by only 5 percent each year could result in an increase of Rs 20 lakh. If you can save 15,000 rupees per month, then start a SIP according to this formula today. You will be a millionaire on March 2036.


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