Shilpa Shetty was outraged after the fraud, she said – this is an attempt to tarnish the image.

Artist Shilpa Shetty reacted when she heard that FIR had charged her and her husband Raj Kundra with fraud. A lawsuit was filed by Yash Barai of Pune alleging that the actor and her business partner Raj Kundra and a man named Kashif Khan stole Rs 1.51 crore. After hearing the news of the case, Shetty took to Instagram to take action. In his remarks, the artist said that his name is being drawn, out of grief.

In her remarks, Shilpa Shetty wrote, “I woke up with an AIR story filed against Raj and me. I was shocked!”

The actor explained, “(Kashif) took the SFL title right to open an SFL gym across the country. Everything was done by him and he was in charge of banks and day-to-day operations.”

He said: “We do not know of his trade, and we have not received a single penny from him.

Shetty expressed her regret that she had been doing excellent work for the past 24 years. The actor said in his statement, “I am saddened to see that my name and reputation have been tarnished and my name has been severely reprimanded. As a law-abiding citizen of India, my rights must be protected.”

Barai said Shetty and Kundra approached him in 2014 to spend money on a fitness program with a promise of benefits. However, he was deceived. Barai also filed a FIRE against Kashif Khan for this.


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