In the house of Bigg Boss 15, Afsana Khan and Rakesh Bapat suddenly disappeared from their homes last week. Rakesh Bapat walked out of the house to the hospital and on Sunday Salman Khan announced that Rakesh would not return to the show. Shamita Shetty was very upset by this, but now it is said that Shamita Shetty also came out suddenly. Shamita was considered the most powerful man in the house. But all of a sudden, his fans are amazed when he leaves the house.

In the Vaar Sabbath Day program, Salman Khan told the relatives that now Rakesh Bapat is not returning home. Upon hearing this, Shamita Shetty looked very upset. He was seen telling Neha Bhasin that Rakesh knew he would never return. At least he should have said. Shamita also saw him saying that he should not come. Shamita said, ‘It is a little difficult and she ran away. At least they would have fought and stayed here.

came out of the hospital
Now the news comes that Shamita herself has left the house due to illness. For some time, Shamita seemed to be holding him by the shoulder. Also on the last mission, Simba treated Shamita because Shamita was injured. However, it is unknown whether Shamita will return home or not.

Rakesh and Shamita approached each other in Bigg Boss OTT.

Hypocrisy to avoid media inquiries
There has been a lot of discussion among the fans since Shamita came out of the house. One reason I am told that Shamita also wants to meet Rakesh, is then out of the house. On the other hand, there is a story that Shamita has decided to leave the house to avoid questions from journalists. It is understood that there has been a press conference on Monday and to avoid the same, Shamita has taken the decision.

Shamita Shetty misses Rakesh Bapat in Bigg Boss. (image file)

Let us tell you that so far three wild cards have come home and all three are great help from Shamita Shetty. Rajeev Adatia is the brother of Shamita while Neha Bhasin and Rakeysh Bapat are his friends from the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ season.

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