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Secret of Ragi halwa in Hindi you know how to make millet halwa to make strong bones lose weight: Secret


Ragi Halwa

Ragi is considered to be very good for health. Where there is a lot of calcium. On the other hand, the fiber found in it along with all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates helps to reduce your weight. Along with this, eating also provides relief from stress. Ragi can be eaten as flour or germ.

According to Swami Ramdev, a variety of Ragi dishes can be prepared. If you want, you can make ragi pudding. You can easily create in a short amount of time. Learn the easy way to make Ragi Ka Halwa.

Ragi Halwa Ingredients

  1. 1 plate ragi
  2. 2 cups salt
  3. Dried fruits Cashew nuts, almonds, dates, figs etc. would have been cut off

How to Make Ragi Halwa

First, make red sugar or water for jaggery. To do this, add jaggery in three glasses of water and cook over low heat to make water. On the other hand, put ghee in a pan and bake. After that, add the rag powder to it and put it on a low heat. When the rage starts to release ghee, soak it in sugar water and continue to stir it slowly. After cooking for 5-7 minutes, add dried fruits such as dates, figs, dried fruits, almonds, cashews and more. When thick, turn off the gas. Your sweet Ragi Ka Halwa is ready.

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