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Secret of Kada Prasad Gurupurab Secret of Gurunanak Jayanti Guruparv neer


The secret of Kada Prasad

  • preparation time10 min
  • cooking time 40 min
  • to serve3 People
  • energy sources207

The secret of Kada Prasad: Anyone who tasted Kada Prasad at Guru Nanak Jayanti, will never forget it. One of the special recipes made at the Gurupurab ceremony is Kada Prasad. Kada Prasad is as sweet as it is easy to make. It tastes good because it is cooked in desi ghee for a long time. If you also want to make Kada Prasad at home this time or you like to eat delicious food, you can try the Kada Prasad Recipe. We tell you an easy way to make Kada Prasad at home. It can be easily adjusted by following these steps. This is a delicious meal.

Manufacturing materials Kada Prasad
flour mixed flour – 1 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Desi Ghee – 1 cup
Water – 4 cups

How to make Kada Prasad
To make a delicious Kada Prasad, first take a deep-sea vessel. Add 4 cups of water and keep to cook over low heat. In the meantime, take another pan and put it in the ghee and set it to heat. Keep lighting the fire until the ghee melts. When the ghee is completely melted, reduce the heat. Now add the flour and mix well with the ghee and fry it until golden. When the flour color is golden, add sugar to them and mix well by adding water from the top.

Special care should be taken at this time so that the hard prasad does not become lumpy when pouring water. When the mixture is well mixed, add the gas flame and cook for 10 minutes or until the Kada Prasad water is completely dry. That way your Kada Prasad is ready. Now turn off the gas and serve prasad when cool.

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