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satellite connectivity

You can talk to your people by satellite phone without any network, but they are very expensive. Through satellite connectivity, the user’s phone connects directly to the satellite instead of the mobile tower. After that, anyone can call anyone on a mobile or telephone. After satellite connectivity, users will be able to benefit from mobile network without calling and internet access. Let us know how satellite connectivity works.


Satellite connectivity works through a network of satellites, which connect our cell phones directly to satellites which are controlled by companies.

Satellite connectivity has 2 modes

  1. Leo Low Earth Orbiting (Leo Low Earth Orbiting) :– Low Earth Orbit depends on satellite connectivity उन सेटेलीट पर फोटे हैन जो निच्ली उर्BIT में होटे है।
  2. Geosynchronous Satellite :– ये के निवित्य geosynchronous satellite अर्थ उबित का उच्चा कर्टा है अवर जे लियो से शिव्य होता है.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of satellite phones:

To use a satellite phone-

कोई सेल तवार की राजाता नहीं है Excellent connectivity, secure connection is available across the world. आपदा के समाय सही से उच्चार करण हैन. Wide network coverage, koi drop call nahin hota hai. A good signal is available compared to the mobile phone. को अस्टाई की नहीं पादती है.

Satellite phone has many disadvantages. आया उस्के बारे में जाई हैन है।

Satellite phone only works. कार्ब मूसुम में साही से कम नहीन करता है Mobile phone calls expensive. According to local government regulations, a person can be banned from using a satellite phone without permission.

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