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মুব্বাবাডা ঵ালা কেস্ত্র ম্র্তে ক্র্তা কারিক্র ক্র্র্য ক্র্ত্যালা হাটা hai. जिया शोर होने के कारना, कोल पर न आप की की एवास सुन पाते है न ही समें वाला आपकी आवास हैक तारह ​​से सुन पाते है. Samsung has released an unlimited feature for people to reduce this problem. However, this work feature is currently only available on selected phones. Actually, Samsung has started giving OS updates for 4 years for Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A73 5G smartphones. This update comes with many features like Voice Focus and One UI 5.0.

शोर होने पर भी आईेगी साफ अवास
The Voice Focus feature continues Samsung’s Make for India philosophy. Once switched on by the caller, it enables the listener to experience the call without any background noise, even if the caller is in a noisy location. This feature allows you to increase the sound for the caller side to clean the sound. WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet अवर जूम पर वीडियो कार्ट करेट वाक्त वाक्ट मोड भी मिल्ता है.

For the first time, iPhone 14 Plus has a discount of 22,800 rupees, only here it will be cheaper

These features will be found in New One UI 5.0
With the new One UI 5.0, users can customize their smartphone experience. The new UI allows users to set background images with a wide range of colors and patterns. Users can set different preset photos, dynamic lock screen and gallery photos from background. In addition, users can create stickers in the gallery, create custom call backgrounds with Augmented Reality (AR) emoji and do a lot of things.

Privacy-security on focus update
Samsung has focused on privacy and security with the latest update. The new ‘Security and Privacy Dashboard’ gives users an overview of the status of various security aspects of their smartphone, such as apps that have access to the camera, microphone and location settings. It gives users tips to improve their device security by checking for app updates and security patches to prepare for the future.


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